Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear 2011

Dear 2011,

It's really great to finally meet you... welcome to my life. I have to say I've been looking forward to meeting you for quite a while, and if I'm honest, I have really high expectations for you. Hopefully by the time we part ways we'll have some really amazing stories to tell. Together (and I mean this in the cheesiest, yet sincerest way possible) we can make some dreams come true.

I plan on stepping it up this year, and really doing all I can, so all I ask of you is that you open a few doors for me, and throw me a bone now and then. If you could keep the tragedies to a minimum and let the good times roll for my friends and family that would be great as well.

Thanks a million, let's have a good one-

-Travis Lincoln Cox

"The List"
* Exercise (a lot)
* Blog (more)
* Write (a lot more)
* Act (as much as possible)
* Organize my Life (easy peasy)
* Budget ($$$)
* Take More Pictures (of everything)
* Live with No Regrets

**As for this Blog**
I am going to revive the old Blog schedule. So, if you care to read... this is what you can expect:

Movie Monday- I'll lend my opinion on a random movie that I will have watched that week.
Tough Guy Tuesday- This is really just me using the public eye as motivation to exercise. you can expect weekly photo updates on my (not sexy yet) body, and any random workout tips I might feel are useful.
What the Wednesday- There are a lot of crazy videos on the internet. On Wednesday, I'll post a good one.
Theatre Thursday- This could be anything remotely related to Theatre and/or acting. ie: a play review, a something cool I learned in class, a script I read etc... I'll try to keep it interesting.
Photography Friday- I have a not so secret passion for photography. On Friday, I show off. I post one of my favorites from my collection.

Thanks for taking the time to read! Happy New Year!