Thursday, March 5, 2009


I've been meaning to write a couple blogs lately but I decided that it would be best just to cover both subjects briefly in one blog. The first subject, if course, is that DSC Theatre opens '110 in the Shade' tonight! We had a preview audience last night and the general consensus is very positive. (Unless people were lying just to be nice.) We had around 100 or so people there and they were very responsive. They laughed when they were supposed to, cheered when they were supposed to, and even stood for us at the end. It is always so nice to get your first audience. Towards the end of the long rehearsal process you start to wonder if you're a horrible actor that's part of a horrible show. But it's nice when an audience, seeing it for the first time, seems to thoroughly enjoy themselves. It gives the cast a breath of fresh air, and a little hope that we might actually be doing something right. Anyway, if ya'll get a chance we'd love to have you stop by. If you need some buy one get one free tickets just let me know. Otherwise order you tickets online by clicking here. Or call: 652-7800. We'd love to see you!

Secondly, I was involved in a original one act play last month at KCACTF and I loved it. Every year the festival brings between five and ten original scripts (most of them ten minute plays) to work shop and premier at the festival. Since I got home I've been working on a script, but I'm having some troubles. I thought ten minutes would be easy, but I'm finding that it's incredibly difficult to squeeze my "message" into ten minutes. Anyway, I'm kind of just doing a call for ideas: things that you like in a good story, or movie, or script. I'm no where near ready to start asking people to proof read it, but if any of you would like what I have so far I'd love suggestions and input. Otherwise general tips that you may know about are much appreciated. 


Aelysium said...

I don't really have any tips, but I'm all about proof reading when you're ready to share!

Patti said...

I know it's a huge field, but check out some youtube stuff...just kinda brainstorming. I saw the cutest thing the other day. It just made you smile the whole time. I don't know the address off hand but you can type in "validation" and pick the guy with the curly hair and beard and mustache. I don't know what kind of tone you're going for but you know I always have something to say about everything. They don't call me Chatti Patti for nothing! HUGS!!!