Friday, April 17, 2009

Improve Comes to St. George

Last Wednesday my wife I and went to check out St. George's brand new improve group called 'The Truth About Lies". The meet every first and third Wednesday of each month at 9:00pm at The Electric Theatre

I haven't been to The Electric Theatre since before my mission and I really loved the space. It's got a great eccentric, hip, yet unconventional feel to it... A great space for improve. The show was hosted by Anisa Bennett, who's energy really got the show going on the right foot. As we met the players we immediately saw that this was going to be a high energy show. The cast includes Justin Cullimore, Jarom Brown, Danielle Wolverton, Noah Dixon, and Steve ___________ (Sorry Steve, I don't know you're last name.) And as I understand there are other players that sometimes rotate through. Every player had several brilliantly funny moments in the show, but there were two people that stood out as being, not just funny, but hilarious, the entire evening. Justing Cullimore was born for this as far as I'm concerned. His level of energy is overwhelming and contagious in a beautiful way. The other being Noah Dixon. His political incorrectness, and strong character choices light up the stage. I've never seen a better Brittany Spears.

The crowd was small but 'The Truth About Lies" still brought their A game and really put on an entertaining show. The cost is six bucks, but as far as I'm concerned it is well worth it. Hopefully as time goes on, word will spread and they'll begin to pick up a following. For what it's worth I think it makes a great unique date night, or for a night out with friends. 

I give it a B+


Roger said...

very cool. Those two guys (Justin and Noah) stood out to me in "Ways to Woo" as well. Maybe I'll make it down there sometime.

Tamari said...

Thanks for letting us know! I would love to check this group out and maybe if I am brave join in one of these times! :)

Aelysium said...

Awesome! I know what Adam and I are doing for our next date night.

Patti said...

Sounds great. Drop me a text reminder now and again about it. I'd try to make it. You're awesome!