Friday, April 24, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Go See DSC Theatre's Student Directed One Acts

Last night I went to see 'A Night of One Acts' at DSC Theatre last night and I liked what I saw. The students in the Directing II class have worked tirelessly putting together these shows and are allowing the public to come see them for absolutely free. Tonight (Friday) is the last night so head over to the Dolores Eccles Black Box Theatre at 6:00 for a great night of unique (and free) theatre.

10. It's Free!
9. You get to see several new faces in the St. George Theatre World.
8. All the lights were designed by student designers.
7. You'll get see a semester of training come to fruition.
6. There are four great one acts to see all on one night.
5. You probably know the directors! (Crystal Bates, Anisa Bennett, Mellissa Erickson, Brooke Owen.)
4. Tonight (Friday) is the last night.
3. It makes a great date night! (It starts at 6:00 and will be over by 8:00)
2. You'll get to see four new shows that you've never seen before.
1. You'd be supporting your local college arts program. (Good cause.)

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Patti said...

You know I never get there without a text from you! I would love to have gone but I just read this TODAY. A little late for me.