Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Movie Review Monday - Men Who Stare at Goats

I know it's no technically Monday anymore... but it's close enough. I'm going to start reviewing a random movie here on this blog every week. If you have a movie you'd like me to review let me know. I'll be rating on a scale of One to Ten. This weeks movie is:

'Men Who Stare at Goats.'

From the moment I saw the poster for this movie I could not wait to see it. It is chalk full of actors whom I love. ie: Jeff Bridges, Ewan McGregor, George Clooney, Kevin Spacey... you have to love them. Then I saw the trailer and wanted to see it even more. Witty dialogue, quirky humor, and truly unique premise. I thought I was in for a treat. Then it came out in theatres. I wasn't able to see it... and I didn't hear much about it. Then I forgot about it... for a while.

Then I walked past a redbox and saw it there, then I rented it, then I watched it. Now I'm reviewing it.

Overall I'm going to say that it's a good movie. Maybe not quite as good as I had hoped, but still quite excellent.

Here are the reasons it is good:
1) Great low stress acting - No super amazing acting moments, but beautifully simple and honest reactions.
2) Incredible dialogue - The dialogue is very honest and believable. It never feels forced or contrived.
3) Jeff Bridges - This man can do no wrong in my book. He is amazing and then some.
4) Everyone else - No weak links in the actor line-up. Great to see these guys playing characters they don't normally play.
5) The Announcement at the Beginning - "More of this is true than you would believe." So awesome.
6) The Dancing - You just have to see it. It's fantastic.

Here are the reasons I probably won't watch it again for a while:
1) The Story is About the Reporter - I understand why it had to be that way... but, (no fault of Ewan McGregors) he's not the interesting one. I was more interested in the psychic powers of the soldiers not the journey of the reporter.
2) It's Fairly Slow Moving - Don't watch this while twittering or playing pacman... you'll get bored. Make sure there are no shiny objects to distract you.

That's about it! Other than that it's a fantastic movie. I think I have to give this movie a 7ish out of 10... If you haven't seen it yet, do.


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