Saturday, April 3, 2010

Out of Towners

Inspired by the desire to blog more frequently I give you the following:

Many of you know that I work at Texas Roadhouse and last night I was seated with to people from Nottingham, England. And for some reason I love getting sat with foreigners. Most servers hate it because they are notorious for ordering small plates (they did) and tipping badly (they did) but I love talking to people who think that my world is strange. I asked the lady if she wanted marshmallows and caramel sauce on her sweet potato... she almost fell out of her chair.

They were incredibly friendly and talkative and open. And when their food finally came they used adjectives like proper: "This is the first proper food we've had in America." and inspired: "Do you like the marshmallows?" said I. "Yes. This is really inspired."

Anyway. They were cool people. That is all.

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