Saturday, April 10, 2010

So Funny Saturday

So Funny Saturday - Off the Cuff and other funny things.

Many of you know that I play in an amazing improv troupe called Off the Cuff and they are great! The shows are usually Friday and Saturday night. So every Saturday I will post highlights, things I learned, and some great one-liners from the show before. If you were at the show before I'd love to hear your favorites of the evening as well.

Because this is my first week I'll give you my brief journey into Off the Cuff.

It all started last summer when I was in Biloxi Blues with three members of the troupe. Wendy, Rev, and Bodily. They were awesome actors and just great people so when they told me to come to Off the Cuff... I did. And I LOVED IT!!! Then I started going to Improv University (which is a free class they teach every Friday at 4:00. You should go to it.) Then I became an alternate and now I'm a full time member of Off the Cuff's touring team.
Great story right?

Moving on!

Last night was one of the best Off the Cuff show's I've ever seen.

Some Highlights:

The entire 'Hecklers' scene. Hecklers is similar to Mystery Science Theatre 3000 where there is a serious scene taking place on stage (last night it was a son (Wade) telling his dad (TJ) that he was eloping) while three hecklers well... heckle. It was three minutes of non-stop laughter. Absolutely brilliant.

Wade's light bulb character. Two of our characters (Wendy and Loren) were in grave danger when they couldn't change the light bulb in the dark. But then our blind hero (Wade) stepped in to save the day. The best moment was after the triumphant replacement and the switching on of the light he asked blindly... did it work?

What I learned.
I'll keep this to one new thing per week. Though there are always more things I have learned.I

I'm noticing that most of my favorite players end up taking on some sort of character in a scene and sticking with it. (Rev and Dave's casting buddies, Wendy's Mrs. D etc...) I have a tendency to simply play myself in Improv. I'd like to try more characters.

The One-Liners.
My favorite part. Remember that if you were at the show and you had some favorite moments please post them here!

"I will Cracken you if you don't shut up." - TJ

While describing 'Over Actors Anonymous'

"It's like a really bad soap opera... or a Keanu Reeves Movie." - TJ

Classic Sunny D reference that only six people got: "Sorry, all we have is milk, soda, and purple stuff." - Wendy

The Notebook Spoof:

"I'm sorry but I was kind of in love with him a long time ago... and look! He wrote me all these letters! I mean seriously, look at these! (grabbing stacks of letters) You can't expect me to marry you now! I mean I know we've had a really great time together, and you're a really great guy, and you gave me this ring, and I kind of said yes, and you've been nothing but nice to me... I'm kind of a ho, sorry."


"Just like my dreams, it shattered."


"Good thing I'm blind!! Squeaky, Squeaky, Squeaky..." -Wade

"...well she took me killing John pretty well." - Me

"I hate T9 word because when I try to type my friend Brian's name it spells Asia, and when I try to spell Jordan it spells Korea."


"If we melt the ring down into the pancake mix we can have one pancake to rule them all."


(Later that night.)

"So... you want two 'One pancakes to rule them all..."


"It's because of LeRoy Jenkins I lost my arm... well, not my whole arm. Just my ability to use it for casting."


"I was talking to the Kindergartners and they told me that your son was lightbulb poop."


"He was like an ice cold bottle of Coke with little droplets of sweat all over his buxom body."


And there were so many more! I realize that if you weren't there most of these won't make sense. But if you were there you can remember with me how freaking funny they were!

If you're free tonight come check us out at Saturday Night Cedar at The Pizza Depot in Cedar City. It's a whole different show with Long Form improv, sketches ala SNL, and much much more! The show starts at 9:30. Be there or be square! And being square sucks.


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