Friday, April 23, 2010

Fotography Friday - Calgary, AB

Calgary Sunrise

This weeks photo will always be one of my favorites because it was taken while I was on my mission for the LDS (Mormon) Church. I had been out barely over a year when I was made Zone Leader and transfered to this area. Downtown Calgary. A missionaries heaven... or hell depending on how you looked at it. Our days were filled with crazy amounts of street contacting (almost no tracting) and preaching to people on the street. Most of our contacts we were able to make ended up living outside of our area because they just came into town to work. Which meant few investigators in our pool. Our ward was always shifting with new young couples coming and going almost weekly. And I was serving with an amazing companion who was called as a Mandarin speaking missionary. We taught an English as a second language class, met with several Chinese families (who spoke little to no English) and had some of the busiest days I can remember. Unfortunately I was only here for one transfer. But it was one of my favorite six weeks of my whole mission. This picture was the view from the balcony of our 17th floor apartment. It was taken with a simple point and click camera, and needed no color boosting at all. It really looked like this. Not to shabby eh?

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Patti said...

Beautiful. What a great thing to share. Thanks.